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Exploring the 300 Blackout Barrel for AR Pistols

Why a 300 Blackout barrel? In the firearms industry, precision, adaptability, and flexibility are paramount. A significant innovation that embodies these qualities is the 300 Blackout barrel, particularly when used in 300 Blackout pistols.

Why Opt for a 300 Blackout Barrel from Jacob Grey Firearms?

Availability and Versatility:

The 300 Blackout cartridge is widely available, accommodating a wide range of weights and is available in both sub and supersonic. This wide availability allows shooters to tailor their ammunition for various purposes, making it a top choice for those seeking versatility in their firearm’s performance.

Improved Ballistics for AR Platforms:

The 300 Blackout barrel performs well in long barrel formats and short barrel formats. But it performs exceptionally well in short barrel formats because you get the benefit of a short barrel rifle while maintaining the ballistic perfromace of a 30 caliber cartridge. Its superior ballistics provide enhanced accuracy and energy retention at shorter distances, especially in AR pistol platforms, like the Jacob Grey AR15 or the AR15 Ultralight.

Subsonic Capabilities and Suppressors:

A standout feature of the 300 Blackout is its ability to fire subsonic ammunition effectively, particularly when paired with a suppressor. This makes it ideal for quiet shooting in AR pistol setups, enhancing the stealth element. In a hunting context a suppressed 300 Blackout Barrel allows for followup shots because the redused noise won’t spook your prey.

Compatibility with Jacob Grey AR Products:

The 300 Blackout barrell is compatible with any AR15 lower AR 15 magazines and AR15 BCG (Bolt Carrier Group). Jacob Grey Firearms offers dedicated 300 Blackout barrels that will increase the accuracy and versatility of your AR15 platform.

For complete pistols and rifles take a look at the 300 Blackout AR15 Boomslang pistol or the Boomslang rifle. If you are looking for an Ultralight the Jacob Grey was designed with the next generation AR-15 in mind. This AR-15 rifle is built around the 7075-T6 billet lower receiver specifically machined and cut in areas where excess material was unnecessary and areas that see excess use and wear, reinforced and strengthened to give a sleek, refined look, without losing the classic lines of the AR-15 platform. So turn your attention to the Jacob Grey 300 Blackout pistol and 300 Blackout Rifle.

Key Differences Between a 300 Blackout Barrel and Standard AR 15 Barrel.

Tailored Chamber Dimensions:

300 Blackout barrels are specifically designed for the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge, ensuring a perfect fit for optimal performance.

Optimized Bore Diameter:

The bore diameter of a 300 Blackout barrel is larger than that of standard AR15 5.56/.223 to accommodate the 300 Blackout cartridge, which brings your .22 caliber platform to a .30 caliber platform.

Performance Optimization with Jacob Grey Barrels:

With the 300 Blackout barrel you get the long rifle performance in a short barrel. And unlike standard barrels, all Jacob Grey barrels are guaranteed to give sub Minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy.

The introduction of the 300 Blackout took the AR to a whole new level in the shooting arena. If you’re not already a fan of this cartridge, take it to the range, and you will be. You can turn your single caliber AR platform into a multi-caliber platform that can be modified for different applications. One of the most affordable ways to expand your caliber options is to add a Jacob Grey barrel to your existing AR platform. To get the most out of this versatile cartridge, you need a barrel that’s up to the task. The Jacob Grey 6” 300 Blackout barrel is just what you need, or check out any of our many great 300 Blackout products.