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Jacob Grey partners with the one and only McLean Rifle Sling

The McLean Corp Dynamic Retention Rifle Sling is not your average 2-point to single conversion AR 15 sling. It is essentially a single point rifle sling with much needed retention system built into it. The ability to transition from a retained position to engagement is unmatched by any other rifle sling on the market.

The only AR sling of it’s kind on the market.

The McLean Dynamic Retention Sling (DRS) offers the best of both worlds. The dynamic abilities of a single point AR15 sling with the retention of a 2 point AR-15 sling. Available in Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, and MultiCam so you can color code your mission!

Designed and patented by an active duty member of the SOF community, this AR15 rifle sling is used and tested by the men who sleep in the mud and go bump in the night.  Heroes without capes, blurry faces and redacted names, that is the origin of the McLean rifle sling.

If you are going to select one sling for your Jacob Grey AR15, this is THE AR 15 sling for you.

Each Jacob Grey AR15 is crafted with precision and uncompromising attention to detail. Featuring CNC machined receivers from premium 7075 aircraft-grade billet aluminum and military-spec Hardcoat Type III Anodization, the Jacob Grey AR15 delivers unmatched strength and durability – built to last a lifetime.

This is not your grandfather’s AR15 and you really need to hold one to understand. The McLean rifle sling is the perfect accessory for any Jacob Grey AR15 that you chose: AR15 300 Blackout: JG15 Boomslang Pistol – 10.5″; AR15 Hoplo 5.56 NATO JG15 Pistol – 10.5; AR15 Stinger 7.62×39 JG15 Rifle – 16″; AR15 Stinger 7.62×39 JG15 Pistol – 10.5″; AR15 Stinger 7.62×39 JG15 Pistol – 7.5″; AR15 300 Blackout: JG15 Boomslang Pistol – 8″; AR15 300 Blackout: JG15 Boomslang Rifle – 16″; AR15 Hoplo 5.56 NATO JG15 Pistol – 7.5″; AR15 Hoplo 5.56 NATO JG15 Rifle – 16″.

Redefining the modern sporting rifle has never been so satisfying.