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Introducing the the JG15 AR15 Ultralight

The Next Generation AR15

A Slick and Refined AR15 Machine //

The Jacob Grey Ultralight Rifle was designed with the next-generation AR15 in mind. This AR15 rifle is built around the 7075-T6 billet lower receiver specifically machined and cut in areas where excess material was unnecessary and areas that see excess use and wear, reinforced and strengthened to give a sleek, refined look, without losing the classic lines of the AR15 platform. The same consideration was given to the matching billet upper receiver.

JG15 Ultralight



Unleash Your Speed and Agility with the JG15 Ultralight AR-15: The Lightest Rifle in Its Class.

Additionally, the JG15 Ultralight’s lightweight construction allows for quicker target acquisition, reduced fatigue during extended use, and increased maneuverability in tight spaces. With its superior balance and precision, the JG15 Ultralight is the ideal firearm for hunters, sports shooters, and tactical operators who demand the very best in lightweight performance.

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