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Introducing the JG15 - The Next Frontier in AR15 Craftsmanship

Precision in Ar15 Manufacturing, Precision in Shooting

An Ar15 for a Lifetime //

Jacob Grey crafts a full gallery of Complete AR15 Rifles, Pistols, Receivers & Builder Kits. All are individually CNC Machined from billet aluminum and tolerance to meet all Mil-Spec standards. Built to last a lifetime.




The Finest AR15 You Will Ever Own

Jacob Grey supports SEAL future foundation

Jacob Grey Supports Navy Seal Future Foundation

Jacob Grey Firearms, a firearms manufacturer, was proud to have participated and donated a rifle for auction at the South Carolina Navy Seal Future Foundation on April 21, 2023, at The Sawmill Training Complex located in Laurens, SC. This organization is a non-profit that supports the Navy SEALs and other…

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Jacob Grey AR15, AR 10, AR9

The Best Jacob Grey AR for your needs: choosing between an AR15, AR10, and AR9

Making a decision to purchase an AR15, an AR10 or an AR9 can be very simple, every gun enthusiast will tell you that you should own them all. Easy as that may sound, we all know that sometimes you have to pick just one.  The good news is that no…

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Jacob Grey JG10 with Billet Upper and Lower Receiver

The Science Behind the Strength – Billet AR Receivers

// How Jacob Grey Firearms Achieves Superior Quality with Billet Aluminum Receivers // Jacob Grey Firearms is committed to manufacturing firearms of the utmost highest quality, using only the best materials to ensure accuracy, reliability, durability, and safety. All our Modern Sporting Rifle upper and lower receivers are made from…

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