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I wanted to reach out to you and say thanks. I had never heard of Jacob Grey firearms when I started looking for a high-quality AR-15 2 years ago. A friend of mine put me in touch with Brad at The Gun Vault. I had handled and shot several high-end AR’s. Brad showed me the Hoplo, and I knew I wanted it. The gun has been flawless for me, and I am very happy with it. When I started to investigate building an AR-10, I saw the info on the Warthog. The more I looked, the Warthog had what I wanted, at a reasonable price, and I wouldn’t have to build it or upgrade it. The only thing that the Warthog needed to be perfect for me was the flat faced trigger. It comes standard on the 20″ version. I knew I wanted the 16″ rifle that has a curved trigger. I reached out to customer service and asked to pay to have the trigger changed. They handled it with no charge. From the start with the trigger, I have received excellent communication and support from the Jacob Grey team. I also knew that JG makes great firearms and stands behind them. What happened last week never even entered my mind as a possibility. I had taken my new Warthog to the range and was on the bench sighting in my scope. On the 5th round I heard a loud explosion, and the magazine blew out of the receiver. I could not operate the bolt. I had suffered a catastrophic case failure that resulted in a blowout. I understand this was caused by ammunition and I have had friends whose firearms were damaged by ammo be told by manufacturers that they were out of luck. I brought the rifle back to Brad and the team at The Gun Vault. He could not fix the issue and contacted Jacob Grey directly for me. Jacob Grey’s manufacturing facility is in the same city I am in and they picked the gun up the same day. The team at Jacob Grey diagnosed the issue and gave me a report on what happened the same day. Without prompting, asking, or begging, they replaced the firearm. No questions asked. The very next day a new gun was waiting for me. An ammunition defect caused the issue, not the gun, Jacob Grey didn’t care. Their only concern was a satisfied customer. The excellent customer service shown here is outstanding. I most definitely appreciate it and I will make it known that JG is not only an excellent firearms manufacturer, but an organization that truly values their customers. I would also like to thank Brad and the team at The Gun Vault. Unfortunately, old school good customer service is hard to come by, but Jacob Grey and the Gun Vault are fantastic.