JG15, 7.62x39, Shock Resist Extractor

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    Jacob Grey Firearms has finally done what others have only dreamed of doing. With an extensive knowledge of specialized parts in the aerospace industry, Jacob Grey has used that experience to manufacture an extractor that will put up with the enormous pressure and force of the 7.62×39 round.

    As AR enthusiasts are only too aware, the AK round was never meant for the AR-15. A common problem has always been the round’s ability to crack and eventually break the steel extractor. With decades of experience manufacturing flyaway parts and over 40,000lbs of titanium cut each year, Jacob Grey has taken that knowledge and applied it to the common problem with the AR-15 extractor. The result is the strongest most durable 7.62×39 extractor on the market today

    Designed not only to grab the round at the precise moment needed, but a deep enough face to pull a swollen steel cased 7.62 round from the barrel without slipping and extracting each time. Made from proprietary steel. Individually cut. The perfect upgrade to any 7.62 AR build