This warranty does not cover loss, theft, deliberate damage, corrosion, neglect, abuse or unreasonable use, misuse, defects or malfunctions resulting from misuse, ammunition failures or use of defective or improper ammunition, lack of maintenance, non-factory part installations, alterations or modifications to the firearm, disassembly beyond the field stripping instructions in the product’s manual (where applicable), normal or ordinary wear and tear, criminal misuse, negligence, use under the influence of drugs or alcohol or cosmetic damage that does not hinder the performance of the product.

Jacob Grey Firearms

All Jacob Grey Firearms/receivers sold as “new”, have a Lifetime repair/replacement warranty from date of first retail sale. Repairs or replacements are determined at Jacob Grey Firearms’ discretion. Proof of purchase will be required.

Federal law allows you to return a firearm to Jacob Grey Firearms for service via common carriers. However, state and local firearms laws vary greatly; you should familiarize yourself regarding any shipping restriction in your jurisdiction. Residents of the states of New York, New Jersey, Washington, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Connecticut will need to arrange for a transfer with a Jacob Grey dealer for transport of the firearm to the warranty facility. Jacob Grey Firearms does not ship complete firearms or serialized firearm products to the listed states.

Warranty Policy

When the product is received by Jacob Grey Firearms it will be inspected to determine if it is a proper claim for warranty repair.

Jacob Grey Firearms will pay the freight charges to return repaired firearms to the owner at the address provided. If you are returning a product, please visit our website at: https://jacobgreyfirearms.com/warranty-repair-requests/ to submit your claim or email sales@jacob-grey.com with a copy of your receipt and serial number if it is a firearm for warranty review by our Customer Service Department. If approved, a Return Authorization number will be provided.

All products returned to Jacob Grey Firearms without a Return Authorization number will be refused.



Jacob Grey Firearms

Repair or replacements are determined at Jacob Grey Firearms’ discretion.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for reshipment of repair/replacements, unless otherwise indicated by a customer service representative that assists you.

If after receipt and inspection, it is determined a mechanical/operational defect has been caused by actions taken by the customer or a private entity outside of Jacob Grey Firearms, the warranty is void and Jacob Grey Firearms is not responsible for the repair costs or obligated to replace the firearm. The customer will be notified in such cases.

Firearms that are shipped to Jacob Grey Firearms for repair must be returned complete (as purchased) with magazine and any broken parts for inspection. After market add on accessories must be removed prior to return. This includes, but is not limited to: scopes, mounts, rails, stocks, etc. Jacob Grey Firearms is not responsible for lost, missing, or damaged aftermarket accessories.

WARNING: It is extremely dangerous and a violation of federal and/or state law, to ship or mail any firearms or accessories that contain live ammunition! A firearm that is shipped loaded may discharge causing serious injury or death.

Before returning a firearm or accessory to Jacob Grey Firearms, please make sure that it is completely unloaded. All firearms and magazines shipped to Jacob Grey Firearms must be completely empty of live ammunition. All empty casings must also be removed from chambers and magazines.

Please do not ship live ammunition in any form to Jacob Grey Firearms without prior written approval from Jacob Grey Firearms.