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The all new TWC 9 – Double Stack 1911

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Ar Platform
"The moment you hold a Jacob Grey, you'll understand."
Chris Wally
The Jacob Grey Ultralight Rifle was designed with the next generation AR15 in mind. This AR15 rifle is built around the 7075-T6 billet lower receiver specifically machined and cut in areas where excess material was unnecessary and areas that see excess use and wear, reinforced and strengthened to give a sleek, refined look, without losing the classic lines of the AR15 platform. The same consideration was given to the matching billet upper receiver.

JG10 - The Finest AR10

The JG10 is the finest precision-manufactured AR10 rifle on the market. The focus on quality in the design and weight of this AR10 has resulted in an outstanding example of American craftsmanship that is second to none.

JG15 - The Next Level in AR15 Precision

Jacob Grey crafts a full gallery of Complete AR15 Rifles, Pistols, Receivers & Builder Kits. All are individually CNC Machined from billet aluminum and tolerance to meet all Mil-Spec standards. Built to last a lifetime.

JG15 - When you need an AR15 ULTRALIGHT

The Jacob Grey Ultralight Rifle was designed with the next-generation AR15 in mind. This AR15 rifle is built around the 7075-T6 billet lower receiver specifically machined and cut in areas where excess material was unnecessary and areas that see excess use and wear, reinforced and strengthened to give a sleek, refined look, without losing the classic lines of the AR15 platform. The same consideration was given to the matching billet upper receiver.

JG9 - the AR9 You've Always Wanted

The JG9 is the best precision-manufactured AR9 out there. Our AR9 rifles are all individually crafted from billet aluminum to Mil-Spec standards.

JG15 Ultralight



Unleash Your Speed and Agility with the JG15 Ultralight AR-15: The Lightest Rifle in Its Class.

Additionally, the JG15 Ultralight’s lightweight construction allows for quicker target acquisition, reduced fatigue during extended use, and increased maneuverability in tight spaces. With its superior balance and precision, the JG15 Ultralight is the ideal firearm for hunters, sports shooters, and tactical operators who demand the very best in lightweight performance.

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The Jacob Grey JG10 modern sporting rifle, meticulously crafted in the USA on the popular Gen 1 Low Profile DPMS LR-308 platform, designed specifically for easy customization and access to parts and accessories. The focus on quality in design and weight has resulted in an outstanding example of American craftsmanship and ingenuity that is second to none.

With sleek, aggressive styling, precision-cut 7075 T6 aluminum construction, and appealing standard features such as a flared mag-well and ambi-selector, this firearm represents the best in American engineering and design.
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JG9 Grey Ghost

Find your inner

Grey Ghost

The Jacob Grey “Grey Ghost” JG9 9mm pistol boasts a design and function that sets it apart from the rest. With Jacob Grey’s uniquely crafted 9mm checkering adding both style and reliability, and a billet-machined upper for a smooth firing experience, this pistol is built to last. Billet Machined. Billet Tough. Experience the difference with the Grey Ghost JG9 9mm pistol.

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Our custom 1911 Handguns are constructed to the standards of the aerospace industry, producing the highest tolerances, least amount of movement, and best grouping in the industry. This is the gun you will pass down to your children & grandchildren.
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Dealer Testimonials

"In business there are several factors that determine the value of a product and/or services offered, at Jacob Grey I have found all of the essential business components I need for us to provide superior quality, value and services that bring them back for more.  It speaks volumes when the most likely customer to purchase a Jacob Grey Firearm is someone that has previously purchased one! It starts at the top with Jake, combined with highly skilled and friendly JG Staff/Team the results are an unprecedented quality of firearms and accessories backed by a creditable Lifetime Guarantee!" ~ Proud JG Dealer - Mike Carter Gun Commanders
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- Mike Carter

Gun Commanders


The guys at Jacob Grey build a phenomenal product. Their firearms are very fairly priced for the exceptional quality and craftmanship that is put into them. Not only do they look great but they shoot even better! We highly recommend Jacob Grey rifles to our customers.

- Southeastern Armory

Augusta, GA


We became a dealer for Jacob Grey in 2021 and have loved them ever since. You can truly see their love for their craftsmanship through their products. No matter what, on the phone or in person, they are always a good company to be in company with.

- Shots Fired Indoor Gun Range


Jacob Grey Firearms. Where to start?? Well let's just say I deal and have dealt with a bunch of manufacturers over the years and really have been impressed with most but these guys are truly a step above them all. You won't find a better more precision crafted firearm plus the added benefit of just amazing ownership and staff.

- Brad O'Neal

The Gun Vault


Customer Testimonials

I wanted to reach out to you and say thanks. I had never heard of Jacob Grey firearms when I started looking for a high-quality AR-15 2 years ago. A friend of mine put me in touch with Brad at The Gun Vault. I had handled and shot several high-end AR’s. Brad showed me the Hoplo, and I knew I wanted it. The gun has been flawless for me, and I am very happy with it. When I started to investigate building an AR-10, I saw the info on the Warthog. The more I looked, the Warthog had what I wanted, at a reasonable price, and I wouldn’t have to build it or upgrade it. The only thing that the Warthog needed to be perfect for me was the flat faced trigger. It comes standard on the 20" version. I knew I wanted the 16" rifle that has a curved trigger. I reached out to customer service and asked to pay to have the trigger changed. They handled it with no charge. From the start with the trigger, I have received excellent communication and support from the Jacob Grey team. I also knew that JG makes great firearms and stands behind them. What happened last week never even entered my mind as a possibility. I had taken my new Warthog to the range and was on the bench sighting in my scope. On the 5th round I heard a loud explosion, and the magazine blew out of the receiver. I could not operate the bolt. I had suffered a catastrophic case failure that resulted in a blowout. I understand this was caused by ammunition and I have had friends whose firearms were damaged by ammo be told by manufacturers that they were out of luck. I brought the rifle back to Brad and the team at The Gun Vault. He could not fix the issue and contacted Jacob Grey directly for me. Jacob Grey’s manufacturing facility is in the same city I am in and they picked the gun up the same day. The team at Jacob Grey diagnosed the issue and gave me a report on what happened the same day. Without prompting, asking, or begging, they replaced the firearm. No questions asked. The very next day a new gun was waiting for me. An ammunition defect caused the issue, not the gun, Jacob Grey didn’t care. Their only concern was a satisfied customer. The excellent customer service shown here is outstanding. I most definitely appreciate it and I will make it known that JG is not only an excellent firearms manufacturer, but an organization that truly values their customers. I would also like to thank Brad and the team at The Gun Vault. Unfortunately, old school good customer service is hard to come by, but Jacob Grey and the Gun Vault are fantastic.
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- David C.


I really appreciate the quick response and the excellent service. I have not had any issues, nor do I expect any issues, with my Hoplo. I obviously enjoy my Hoplo, that’s why I am purchasing the Warthog, but knowing that your customer service is this good and responsive is a wonderful thing.

- DM


I purchased a new Jacob Grey handguard through another supplier and when I received it, it was not usable. I contacted the supplier and they basically shrugged me off. I decided to reach out to Jacob Grey and let them know the type of service I was getting with one of their products. I sent them a message on their website email not expecting anything to happen. Within 10 min of me sending a message to them, I got a call from the owner himself and was extremely overwhelmed by the amazing customer service I received. They basically took over the return process and within 3 days I had my new handguard. The handguard went on smoothly, is so light it makes a world of difference and the quality of it is even better than most if not all on the market. I learned that just because you have a credit to use somewhere else, you need to cut out that middleman and go straight to the source for good customer service. Thanks again all at Team Jacob Grey for showing me what good customer service is!!!!! You have gained a customer for as long as I can purchase 2A products.
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- Oscar M Felix


Words cannot describe how much I love all the firearms I have purchased from them. I shoot competitively and I’m an avid hunter and no matter the scenario I know I can always pick up one of their guns and it’ll run flawlessly. In the past I’ve always purchased all my guns from another billet company I won’t name but I started having issues with the receivers cracking.. not with Jacob grey though, i had my Warthog sitting on the side of the bed of my truck and not thinking I pulled my truck forward just enough for the gun to fall off and my tire to roll right over it, when I realized my mistake I went back and picked it up and to my surprise it was just fine... I wish the same could be said for the Trijicon acog on it..
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- Noah Glasgow