November 2023

The 2011 pistol platform is based on a design that combines elements of the 1911 pistol with modern features and improvements. Staccato first registered the term 2011 when they designed their version of the classic 1911. The 2011 pistol design combines the basic frame and grip of the 1911 with a double-stack magazine, which allows for a higher ammunition capacity compared to the single-stack 1911. This design is favored by competitive shooters and law enforcement agencies for its increased magazine capacity and improved ergonomics.

Staccato’s investment in registering and advertising the 2011 pistol has certainly paid off, as they became known for the 2011, and have kept their competitors from marketing their double stack 1911 pistols as 2011s. Staccato offers a range of 2011-style pistols, each tailored for different purposes. These may include options for concealed carry, competition shooting, and duty use. Staccato’s models often have different barrel lengths, slide configurations, and features to meet specific needs. 

Jacob Grey is here to compete with the 2011 pistol

The newly released Jacob Grey TWC 9 double stack 1911 pistol is an exciting new comer to the scene of 2011-style pistols and is worth a very close look. This double stack 1911 handgun is built out of billet and designed to set a new standard in the world of handguns. The TWC 9, with its exceptional features and meticulous craftsmanship, promises to deliver an unparalleled shooting experience for discerning handgun enthusiasts. If you’re a fan of the 2011 pistol, you will definitely be intrigued by the Jacob Grey double stack 1911.

At the heart of the TWC 9 is a 4.25″ stainless steel bull barrel, meticulously engineered for precision and performance. This barrel ensures both accuracy and durability, making it ideal for any shooting scenario. By utilizing a Nowlin ramp, this barrel ensures repetition, durability and accuracy. Making it ideal for any shooting scenario you’re faced with.

Why a Double Stack 1911?

The Double Stack 1911, exemplified by the TWC 9, distinguishes itself through meticulous craftsmanship and precision engineering. Its unparalleled design features a fully CNC machined lower grip and upper frame, expertly carved from aerospace-grade billet 7075 aluminum. This strategic material selection not only bolsters the pistol’s structural resilience but also contributes to a lightweight composition, ensuring a harmonious and stable shooting encounter. The extraordinary attention to detail, rooted in our aerospace heritage, is evident in the tight tolerances and seamless fit of the TWC 9, resulting in a remarkably flat-shooting handgun that effortlessly maintains accuracy and remains consistently on target. This commitment to excellence defines the Double Stack 1911 and sets the TWC 9 apart as a pinnacle of performance and craftsmanship in the realm of firearms.

Stand Out Features of the Double Stack 1911, a rival to the 2011 pistol

One of the standout features of the TWC 9 is its CRT™ (Controlled Radius Trigger). Crafted from billet aluminum, this trigger is CNC machined as a single monolithic part, ensuring smooth, crisp and consistent 3.5lb trigger pulls, shot after shot. The TWC slide is also a masterpiece of engineering, machined from stainless steel and treated with a salt bath nitriding process. This not only results in a lustrous and lasting finish but also adds to the handgun’s overall rugged durability. Jacob Grey has a true passion for excellence and this gun is a throwback to their first love – the 1911 pistol. The Jacob Grey Double Stack 1911 was born out of a pursuit for the perfect weapon – with quality, value, and features to meet the demands of the most discerning handgun owners. 

And it’s a true testament to Jacob Grey’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the firearms industry.

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