August 2023

Understanding AR 15 Uppers

Exploring AR 15 uppers is an excellent choice if you’re an avid firearm enthusiast seeking to elevate your AR 15’s performance and versatility. At Jacob Grey, we specialize in crafting precision AR 15 uppers from billet aluminum, ensuring both durability and accuracy in your shooting experience.

Key Features of AR 15 Uppers

An AR-15 upper assembly is a crucial component that significantly influences your firearm’s accuracy, range, and customization potential. It encompasses the upper receiver, barrel, handguard, gas system, bolt carrier group, and muzzle device. When looking to upgrade or personalize your AR-15, focusing on the upper is paramount.

Billet Aluminum Construction

At Jacob Grey, all our AR 15 uppers are meticulously crafted from billet aluminum, guaranteeing durability, strength, and precision. The billet aluminum construction allows for enhanced performance and reliability, making your AR 15 upper a robust choice.

Barrel Length and Profile

Tailoring your AR15 upper to your specific needs is made easy through various barrel lengths and profiles. Jacob Grey offers multiple barrel lengths and calibers such as the 16″ JG15 ULTRALIGHT 5.56 NATO   or the 8″ JG15 300 Blackout.


Customize your AR-15 further with a wide array of handguard options. Our billet aluminum AR 15 uppersaccommodate various handguard lengths and designs, providing you with ample space to mount accessories and personalize your firearm.

Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)

The Bolt Carrier Group is a crucial component. Comprising the bolt, bolt carrier, gas key, and firing pin, this assembly is responsible for extracting spent casings, chambering new rounds, and initiating firing. The BCG’s design and quality are paramount, ensuring smooth and reliable operation, minimal recoil, and longevity. 

Elevate Your Firearms with A Jacob Grey AR15 Upper

At Jacob Grey, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of AR 15 uppers, all meticulously crafted from billet aluminum. Our commitment to quality ensures that you’ll receive an upper assembly that seamlessly integrates with your lower receiver, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of your AR 15. Upgrading your AR 15 with a high-quality upper assembly is a surefire way to enhance its performance and customization options. Choose from a variety of billet aluminum AR 15 uppers by Jacob Grey to experience improved durability, accuracy, and versatility in your shooting endeavors.

October 2023